Bee Hotels

Providing a safe place for solitary bees to live and breed.

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Solitary bees make up over 90% of all bee species in the world, and they are under threat.

Owning a bee hotel offers you the opportunity to:


Proudly contribute to conserving our biodiversity, with over 1200 species of solitary bees in South Africa, by providing them with a safe place to live and breed.  


Watching the daily happenings of your bee hotel will encourage you and your family to appreciate and learn about the small, and very critical, wonders of the world. 


Encouraging biodiversity in your garden helps to create a balanced ecosystem which in turn provides benefits such as improved health, growth and reproduction of your plants as well as the reduced need for pesticides.

  • Colletidae species (Membrane Bee)

  • Solitary Bee
  • Afranthidium species

  • Solitary Bee
  • Megachile species (Leaf Cutter Bee)

  • Solitary Bee
  • Allodapula species

  • Solitary Bee

Colletidae species (Membrane Bee)

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Afranthidium species

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Megachile species (Leaf Cutter Bee)

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Allodapula species

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Customised Bee Hotels

I bought one of their hotels!!! Stunning gift!!!!

Patricia, 2019

This is a wonderful initiative to create awareness in a fun, friendly way. I look forward to housing my own solitary bees, doing my bit to helping the environment and being able to use the opportunity to encourage others to invite bees into their gardens.

Janet, 2019

Really enjoying the hotel and activity. Great way of getting children involved.

Theresa, 2019

Should you wish to stock our bee hotels, please get in touch.


We often sell our Bee Hotels at markets. We enjoy the sense of community and love to meet our old and new customers in person.

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